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Human Inferno / Lasse Marhaug (SONMOI 7) split 12"

SONMOI 7 front

The seventh release from SONMOI is a 12” split between Lasse Marhaug and Human Inferno. Marhaug has all kinds of sounds working for him in a very unfriendly way; a piano, humans, a chair, somebodys wife, junk found in the street; somebody told me about a reactor of some sort marked #23. We`re in a good mood, the intensity is overwhelming.

Human Inferno, a resident, sings of the strange emotions connected to his brothers death.


Sleeparchive / Anger Management Inc. (SONMOI 6) split 12"

SONMOI 6 front SONMOI 6 back

The bleakest of the SONMOI releases so far. The Sleeparchive track is so introverted and claustrophobic that you would think it was written in a bunker during the last days of WW2...

"a history of cocaine in 508 seconds" by Oslo outfit ANGER MANAGEMENT INC. sounds like you could expect from the title: distorted synths trying to brake through the white haze on top of a minimalistic beat and vocals designed to underscore a sense of vacuum and impending disaster. Somewhat ending in confusion and bliss.


SONMOI 2 - 5

Right. 8 years in the making, this box set contains most of the recordings done by the SONMOI collective in different locations.

Contains 1 1/2 hours of music.


Hostile Vehicle/ The Electrified Horses (SONMOI 1) split 12"

SONMOI 1 front SONMOI 1 back

The A side is a four part nine minutes long epic bound to make most people confused. Somewhat like Conrad Schnitzler wrestling with the Godz.

The B side is a deconstruction of the Rød Stær song Tuareg.




Katechismus des Nihilisten (Gold 2) four track 12"

Gold Disk 2 front Gold Disk 2 back

Recorded in 2003. The most song oriented and consistent electronic release. Almost danceable.


Suicide Revolutionary Jazz Band (Gold 1) one sided 7"

Gold Disk 1 front Gold Disk 1 back

This was the first song recorded on our 8-track tape machine in 2002. Pressed in 300 copies and given away. Sounds like a mix between Suicide and Der Plan.

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