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The SONMOI-sound is intended to reflect an imminent disaster. Or, one that has already happened.

Going back to 2002 and a deserted warehouse in the suburbs we wanted to try out something entirely different than the regular band rehearsals we`d been through the last fifteen years. Which sounds can we get out of our equipment that we never thought of making before? Using that as an aesthetic we never turned back, never rehearsed, but simply recorded and recorded whenever sounds not common to us occurred.

The idea for a record label came up when the quadruple LP box set (SONMOI 2-5), which was then a double-album in length, started to look more like a triple-album or even a goddamn box set. Why not release the fucker ourselves and continue releasing 12"es whenever something is ready? Meaning, hopefully never again end up with material for a quadruple LP. That`s only fun once. And, now that we are a label too it is not important that every release is made by us. It`s the sound that counts.